Spiritual Events

Spiritual Events

Imagine a place where you change the moment you walk through the door. Instead of checking in your coat, you hang up your troubles and let go of everyday concerns. A place to learn how to live. A place to find yourself. It’s a special place for ordinary people.

The peaceful healing energy and the beauty of this space now welcomes everyone from all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs.  Visitors remark that every space in The Monastery appears to be blessed with a feeling of well-being. It’s so real, you think you can touch it. 

Similarly, every event and every programme of participation and learning adopts the same high principles of well-being. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we extend a warm invitation to find yourself at the Monastery soon. Do you enjoy going to spiritual events? Or perhaps you would like to share the info about your favourite spiritual event with others? If your answer is yes, this group is for you. The goal of this meetup group is to help us get together to celebrate our spiritual awakening and transformation and create, experience and share with others beautiful and powerful group energy by participating in different spiritual events going on in the city of Vancouver, meeting like-minded people and expanding our spiritual community.  In the world where we've spent so much time training our minds to be extremely busy at all times, our main concentration will be on opening our hearts through participating in group meditations, retreats, chants, dances, drum circles, yoga classes, nature walks and hikes, attending spiritual concerts and performances and much more.

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